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How could your research be improved with a better view of the genome? At Dovetail Genomics, an EdenRoc Sciences Company, we ask ourselves this question every day. We’re driven to build on the foundation of our proximity ligation technology to help you answer bigger genomic questions in your lab. Whether you’re investigating human diseases or studying the genomes of plant and animal species, our advanced lab technology, insightful proprietary software and sophisticated algorithms can clarify and improve your view of the genome.

How we work

We offer you the flexibility to choose from our complete menu of services for genome assembly and human genome profiling, or to run our kits and software in your lab to produce and analyze your own data. No matter where we join the process, our proprietary, molecular techniques, advanced software and algorithms provide you with the highest quality data. And our team of committed, passionate scientists will work tirelessly to help you uncover insights and breakthroughs you haven’t been able to see before.

Where we’re going

In 2015, we began offering streamlined technology and services for high-quality assembly of plant and animal genomes. Now, we’re introducing technology that reveals large structural variants and 3D chromatin features in human chromosomes. We won’t stop there. As you work on real world problems in agriculture, biodiversity or human health and disease, technology from Dovetail Genomics will evolve to support your research in new and better ways. Our vision will grow along with yours.

Meet our management team

Todd Dickinson
Chief Executive Officer

Marco Blanchette
VP Research & Development

Mathew Easterday
General Counsel

Sean Campbell
Senior Director of Finance and Operations

Hana Gage
VP of Global Sales

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