Dovetail® Pan Promoter Enrichment Panels target over 84,000 and 47,000 human and mouse promoter sequences respectively, offering comprehensive coverage of the promoter landscape.


Biology happens in 3D.
See what you’ve been missing.

Unlock the relationship between 3-D genome architecture and regulatory network controlling gene expression programs.

Human Disease

The answers are there.
They’re just in a different dimension.

Investigating 3-D genome architecture with Dovetail Hi-C solutions uncovers aspects of biology you might be missing with next-gen sequencing.

Genome Assembly

Unlock your organism’s genome

If your organism doesn’t have a reference genome, or your draft assembly needs improvement, we can make it happen—in just weeks.

New to Hi-C? Dovetail® makes it easy to see in 3-D.

New to Hi-C?
Dovetail® makes it easy to see in 3-D.

Visayan Warty Pig

We are very pleased with the result of the assembly. It really is beyond our expectations. The first analyses have already shown some very nice rearrangements compared to the genomes of other closely related species. I also am very positive how you handled the whole process and kept us informed about the status during the different steps of the assembly.

Martien Groenen, Wageningen University

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