Micro-C Service

Catalog # 20019 (TADs) – Catalog # 20020 (Loops)

Micro-C Service

Catalog # 20019 (TADs)

Catalog # 20020 (Loops)

Let Dovetail® scientists take on your entire Micro-C project, from sample preparation to data processing. Incorporate topological features – such as A/B compartments, topological associated domains (TADs), and/or chromatin loops – that influence gene expression into your epigenetic studies.

Why Use Our Micro-C Service

• See the 20% of the genome hidden by restriction enzyme based Hi-C methods using the Dovetail® Micro-C Kit, which uses MNase to fragment chromatin in a sequence independent manner

• Get ultra-high nucleosome-level resolution of chromatin contacts – MNase generates nucleosome length (146 bp) fragments and proximity ligation is optimized to maximize long-range interactions

• Enjoy the highest signal-to-noise data for a genome-wide approach with both enrichment of long-range informative reads and nucleosome protected fragments

• Receive a minimum of 30x coverage for TAD analysis with down to 10 kb resolution or 90x coverage for chromatin loop analysis down to 5 kb resolution.

How It Works

Your designated Scientific Project Manager will work with you to understand your goals and help define your project to meet your needs. We can complete your project from beginning to end or just perform part of it – it’s totally up to you!

Just prep your samples using our best practices for transfer using the best practices guidelines we’ve established, send us your mammalian cells, tissue, or blood samples, and sit back while our Hi-C experts do the work for you! Once we receive your sample(s), your Scientific Project Manager will keep you informed of our progress as we hit each project milestone.

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Delivery Time 10 weeks from sample to completed analysis
Sample Type Mammalian cells, tissue, or blood
Library Generation Dovetail Hi-C
Sequencing Platform Illumina
Analysis Platform Dovetail QC pipeline
Project Types TADs: 30x coverage, down to 10 kb resolution
Loops: 90x coverage, down to 5 kb resolution
Potential Project Deliverables QC Report
Sequence data (*.fastq file format)
Alignment (.bam format)
Contact matrices (*.mcool and *.hic file formats)
Pairs file (.pair format)