Genome Annotation Services

Catalog # 8010 (basic service)

Catalog # 8011 (extended service)

Genome Annotation Services

Catalog # 8010 (basic service)

Catalog # 8011 (extended service)

Accurate and complete genome annotation is what makes an assembly usable. Don’t shortchange yourself on this final, critical step. At Dovetail®, we have dedicated annotation bioinformaticians employing the latest published tools in a highly efficient, parallelized compute workflow, with evidence pulled from a variety of sources. The best gene-calling evidence, however, is RNAseq data from the species of interest. We can generate this for you, or utilize existing transcriptome data to call genes. Choose between the Basic or Extended packages. Basic gets you 5 upgraded genes manually curated by a qualified bioinformatician. The Extended package gets you up to 55 upgraded genes manually curated by a qualified bioinformatician.

Why Add Genome Annotation to Your De Novo Genome Assembly Service

  • Fully leverage our complete sample-to-publishable assembly workflow.
  • Trust our qualified annotation bioinformaticians to deliver on this crucial final step in genome assembly.
  • High-throughput, bespoke annotation pipeline to maximize speed and accuracy.

How It Works

Maximize your genome assembly investment with accurate and complete gene annotation. Gene annotation errors will derail your downstream analyses: the experts at Dovetail can provide you with an annotated assembly you can trust. To confidently call genes, we require evidence from as many trustworthy sources as possible, which may include publicly available transcriptome data, protein databases, etc; however, the best evidence is RNAseq data from a variety of tissues and/or life stages from the species under study. If transcriptome data is unavailable, we can generate it for you as part of our complete service offering. Genes will be called, identified, and functionally annotated, then a qualified bioinformatician will manually curate up to 5 genes (Basic package) or 55 genes (Extended package) of your choice.

We apply the following steps to get you your accurately annotated genome:

  • Repeat masking
  • Model preparation
  • Evidence collection
  • High throughput genome annotation
  • Manual curation
  • Functional annotation

Myrtle Warbler

Dr. Brelsford and I have been working on warbler genomics together for nearly a decade now! Dovetail’s Chicago and Hi-C libraries are finally allowing us to put together our small scaffolds from our first-generation assembly towards a near chromosome-level genome. We are excited to see what advances this will bring us in our understanding of avian genome evolution!

David Toews, Penn State


Delivery Time Inquire
Sample Requirement Dovetail Final Genome Assembly (> 70% BUSCO) and customer provided RNA-seq data
Library NA
Sequencing Platform NA
Analysis Platform NA
Potential Project Deliverables A comprehensive report (see example below) that includes:

  • Genome annotation file in GFF3 format
  • Predicted gene CDS sequences in FASTA format
  • Predicted gene peptide sequences in FASTA format
  • BAM alignment files from RNAseq and Iso-Seq data (if evidence data is provided)
  • Repeat annotation file in GFF3 format


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