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Genome Assembly Services

Trust your next genome assembly to the de novo experts. Dovetail Genomics® is the world leader when it comes to de novo genome assembly services. We have delivered over 1,600 high quality genome assemblies across hundreds of taxa to hundreds of satisfied customers since our inception in 2013. Every species has a unique genome, with unique nuances and attributes and when we embark on a new project, we leverage our experience with similar species to maximize the quality of your assembly. At Dovetail®, we provide a complete workflow – from sample to publishable assembly – all under one roof.

De Novo Genome Assembly Service

If you’d like a full de novo assembly built from scratch, we have you covered. We employ the latest and best technologies available: PacBio HiFi sequencing, for the ultimate in long-read accuracy, Dovetail’s proprietary Omni-C® proximity ligation technology and HiRise software for building contiguity up to chromosome-scale, and a manually curated annotation pipeline so that your assembly is immediately usable.

Dovetail Scaffolding Service

If you already have a genome assembly for your species, we can improve assembly contiguity up to chromosome-scale with our Omni-C proximity ligation technology and HiRise scaffolding software services. Unlike traditional Hi-C methods that utilize restriction enzymes, Omni-C proximity ligation technology digests chromatin using a sequence-independent endonuclease for even, unbiased whole genome coverage.

Genome Annotation Service

The Dovetail Genome Annotation Service automates several published tools to call and label genes in your assembly. Highly parallelized compute resources reduce turnaround times to a few weeks, and manual curation by a bioinformatician ensures a highly accurate deliverable.  Choose the best package that works for you:

  • Basic Package: includes full ab initio annotation and manual curation of 5 genes of your choice
  • Expanded Package: includes ab initio annotation and manual curation of 55 genes of your choice.