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Dovetail Genomics offers products and services to help researchers take advantage of our proprietary approach to simplifying genomics.

De novo Assembly

Need a genome assembly for your research and starting from scratch? No problem, Dovetail Genomics has an option that will work for your research and budget. We offer both shotgun data based de novo assemblies as well as long-range sequencing technology based de novo assemblies. For more information please contact us via the form below.

Scaffolding with Chicago + HiRise

Existing genome assemblies can be improved with the addition of proximity ligation data. For highly accurate local order and orientation of contigs of all sizes, we recommend Chicago + HiRise. Chicago libraries are in vitro proximity ligation libraries that are generated from DNA from virtually any source and span genomic distances up to the size of the largest DNA molecule in the prep.

Scaffolding with Dovetail Hi-C + HiRise

For highly contiguous assemblies up to chromosome scale, we recommend Dovetail Hi-C + HiRise. Dovetail Hi-C libraries are in vivo proximity ligation libraries that take advantage of the endogenous chromatin from virtually any tissue source and span genomic distances up to full chromosome lengths.

Scaffolding with Chicago + Dovetail Hi-C + HiRise

For the most accurate and highly contiguous genome assemblies, we recommend both Chicago and Dovetail Hi-C with HiRise. Combining the high accuracy of Chicago and the chromosome scale contiguity of Dovetail Hi-C you will be on your way to a reference quality genome assembly.

Getting started

To learn more about what our De Novo Assembly Service can do for you, email us at, call 1.831.713.4465, or fill out and submit this form.

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