Dovetail® Hi-C Services

Sometimes the fastest way to get something done is to have an expert do it for you! Dovetail Genomics® offers a one-stop solution that delivers analysis-ready data with a fast turn-around time. Consult with Dovetail® scientific experts to define your project and then sit back while we do the work for you. Our scientists will get you the comprehensive Hi-C data that will give you answers in a whole different dimension.

Epigenetic Services

Let Dovetail scientists take your entire project from sample to sequence data and contact matrices! We’ll take on your epigenetic experiment so you can focus on the findings for your research.

Genome Assembly

Dovetail de novo assembly projects are foundational to any type of genomic research. Let Dovetail produce a full-length genome assembly for you in our state-of-the-art facility. Then add a scaffolding project or genome annotation and get even more insight.

Human Disease

Some mechanisms of disease can only be seen in another dimension. Dovetail scientists will maximize the information collected from every sequencing run, giving you valuable insight into human diseases such as oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, developmental diseases, and more.