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Going Beyond Science: Philanthropy at Dovetail

By |September 2, 2021|

Going Beyond Science: Philanthropy at Dovetail® Here at Dovetail Genomics®, we believe strongly in corporate social responsibility and employee well-being. This year, our team came together to discuss the culture we want to foster, and refined our core values, something we take [...]

Meet Basuki – Star of A Genome for Basuki Program

By |August 4, 2021|

Dovetail Genomics® is proud to announce that we are combining forces with Revive & Restore in an effort to genetically rescue the critically endangered Banggai cardinalfish. Revive & Restore launched the Wild Genomes Initiative in 2020 in order to promote the use of advanced biotechnologies in applied wildlife conservation, [...]

Enrich Your Understanding of Gene Expression with Promoter Capture Hi-C

By |July 7, 2021|

Enrich Your Understanding of Gene Expression with Promoter Capture Hi-C If you haven’t heard the news yet, the Dovetail Genomics® team recently launched a new product line for Target Enrichment of Dovetail® proximity ligation libraries. Our first two products are Pan Promoter [...]

Why Settle for Half a Genome?

By |May 14, 2021|

The tools available for capturing genomic information have evolved dramatically over the past decade, yet plant and animal reference genomes remain haploid. Through advances in Dovetail® proximity ligation (Hi-C) technology, the capture of genetic variation along with ultra-long-range genomic sequence information in a single assay is now possible. A [...]

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