Dovetail Hi-C Solutions

Dovetail® Hi-C solutions all use sequence-independent nucleases to deliver high resolution and uniform base-coverage, and a novel dual cross-linking approach to enrich for long-range interactions. Our optimized, reproducible, off the shelf kits are validated across a wide range of samples and species and are ready to use so there’s no reagent qualification required. Choose the best kit for your research and take your discovery to the next dimension.

Dovetail® HiChIP MNase Kit

Get a 3D take on your ChIP-seq data

For those looking to add Hi-C to your ChIP-seq. Explore how primary protein binding and protein-mediated chromatin interactions influence gene expression – in a single library. It’s ChiP-Seq, just with 3D interaction information.

Dovetail® Micro-C Kit

Get ultra-high resolution or decreased sequencing costs – it’s up to you

For those looking for fine-scale topology mapping down to the mono-nucleosome level (150 – 200 bp conformation). Unlock your genome architecture one nucleosome at a time.

For those looking to save on Hi-C experiment costs. Higher signal-to-noise ratios at 1 kbp conformation resolution translates to confident matrices building at just a fraction of the cost.

Dovetail® Omni-C® Kit

Get whole genome sequencing info, in 3D

For those looking for uniform, shotgun-like sequence coverage to enable genotyping and haplotype phasing. Unravel 3D genome architecture and explore genetic variants and phased genomes from a single library.

Dovetail® Targeted Enrichment Panels

Get targeted 3D info

For those looking to perform capture Hi-C. Save sequencing costs by targeted the pre-selected genomics region of interest to facilitate Hi-C studies on a large sample cohort.

Dovetail Assay Omni-C Micro-C HiChIP Targeted
Non-targeted Genome Topolgy
Genome Scaffolding
Large Variant Detection
Haployte Phasing
E-P Interactions
Protein Directed Topology
Hybrid Capture Compatible YES YES NA NA