Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase Kit

Catalogue #: 21007

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Validated Samples

Mammalian cells


Hi-C, ChIP-seq


Research Use Only


Protein directed chromatin conformation, gene-regulation & discovery of novel enhancers and super-enhancers

Product Description

The Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase Kit combines the benefits of ChIP-seq with Hi-C, a proximity ligation method that captures long-range interactions using standard Illumina paired-end sequencing, enabling researchers to query protein-directed chromatin conformation mediated by specific proteins of interest.
With the exception of the antibody, the Kit provides all the reagents necessary for performing the chromatin immunoprecipitation and proximity ligation steps on mammalian samples prior to NGS library generation. The kit is compatible with the Dovetail™ Library Module for Illumina (Cat # 25004) and 3rd party standard paired-end library preparation kits for Illumina sequencing.

The Dovetail HiChIP Kit offers the following key benefits:

  • Capture ChIP-seq and Hi-C data together in a single library
  • Ready-to-use antibodies available with more on the way
  • Map chromatin interactions at nucleosome level resolution

Simple three day workflow from sample to sequencing-ready library

The Dovetail HiChIP workflow offers several advantages over other comparable methods:

  • Enzymatic and uniform fragmentation of chromatin
  • Enrichment in long-range information from proximity ligation
  • Robustness and reproducibility down to one million cell inputs
  • Validated list of common antibodies

The unique combination of the Dovetail™ Micro-C Proximity Ligation Assay with the Dovetail HiChIP approach enables the use of micrococcal nuclease (MNase) to fragment chromatin uniformly and without sequence bias prior to proximity ligation, eliminating the need for finicky sonication procedures and offering the maximal resolution (down to mono-nucleosome size) of chromatin interactions.

Map protein binding sites and long-range protein-directed interactions

The Dovetail HiChIP Kit enables study of protein-directed 3-D chromatin interactions. Akin to ChIP-seq, the Dovetail HiChIP data captures sequences directly bound by the protein of interest. However, additional long-range interactions mediated by the protein of interest are also captured. The use of MNase in the assay results in nucleosome resolution data.

Produce high resolution contact maps with less sequencing

Enrichment of protein-directed chromatin features enables high-resolution contact map generation with less read depth. Compared to a high resolution restriction enzyme-based Hi-C, Dovetail HiChIP data enables visualization of higher-order chromatin features, such as loops and chromatin interactions, at a fraction of the read depth leading to significant sequencing costs savings.

Contents & Storage

  • TE Buffer pH 8.0
  • 10x Wash Buffer
  • TWB Solution
  • 2x NTB Solution
  • LWB Solution
  • NWB Solution
  • Protein A/G Beads
  • 10x Crosslink Reversal Buffer
  • Strepavidin Beads
  • 10x RBC Lysis Buffer
  • 20% SDS
  • MNase Enzyme Mix
  • 10x Nuclease Digest Buffer
  • 100 mM MgCl2
  • 0.5M EGTA
  • End Polishing Enzyme Buffer
  • End Polishing Enzyme Mix
  • Intra-Aggregate Ligation Buffer
  • Intra-Aggregate Ligation Enzyme Mix
  • Bridge
  • 5x Bridge Ligation Buffer
  • T4 DNA Ligase
  • Proteinase K
  • 250 mM DTT
  • HotStart PCR Ready Mix


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