Biology happens in 3D
See what you’ve been missing

Biology happens in 3D
See what you’ve been missing

Biology happens in 3D
See what you’ve been missing

Gene Regulation

The mechanisms that regulate gene expression are central to the control of cell development and differentiation, maintenance of cell fate, and adaption to external stimuli.1 Dysregulation of gene expression is a well-documented contributor to initiation and progression of cancer and other diseases. 3D chromatin architecture plays a critical role in maintaining proper gene expression since chromosomal loops bring critical genomic regulatory elements, that can be megabases apart, into close proximity to each other.2 This spatial relationship is a novel and, as yet, largely unexplored area of epigenetic research; however, it is a rapidly growing area due to the emergence of innovative techniques based on proximity ligation like Hi-C.

Proximity ligation offers an unprecedented view into 3D epigenetics and spatial genomics

Enhancer-promoter interactions play a fundamental role in determining cell state and development by regulating gene expression. Methods like ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq have been instrumental in unraveling the transcriptional machinery, enabling the of mapping histone modifications and transcriptionally active genomic regions respectively. However, while these techniques have proven valuable, they only present part of the overall picture. Proximity ligation, and Hi-C in particular, captures spatial features associated with chromatin topology and three-dimension (3D) genome architecture to add a whole new dimension towards your understanding of how 3D epigenetics modulate gene expression.

Proximity ligation kits from Dovetail Genomics® make it easy to investigate the topologically associated domains and chromatin looping that are important in 3D epigenetics and gene regulation.

Choose from our family of easy to use kits, including the Micro-C kit, and:

  • Gain novel insights on the impact of 3D architecture on local and distal promoter/enhancer interactions that influence gene regulation
  • Get a comprehensive view of protein binding & protein-mediated chromatin interactions without any bias due to restriction enzyme density
  • Gather fine-scale, high-resolution topology mapping with an easy workflow that doesn’t require variable-introducing sonication.

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