Biology happens in 3D
See what you’ve been missing

Biology happens in 3D
See what you’ve been missing

Biology happens in 3D
See what you’ve been missing


Epigenetic processes maintain cell gene expression patterns within a cell. When these processes are disrupted, malignant cellular transformation can occur.1 Recent studies in the field of cancer epigenetics have shown that global epigenetic abnormalities play just as big of a role as genetic mutations in the initiation and progression of cancer.2 Epigenetic aberrations have been reported in blood cancers like mixed lineage leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) as well as in solid cancers like breast and prostate cancer, leading to the emergence of epigenetic therapies, in combination with other anticancer therapies, as a potential new approach to combating the disease.

Proximity ligation gives you the whole 3D epigenetic picture needed to develop novel cancer therapeutics

High-resolution Hi-C experiments performed on normal and prostate cancer and subclasses of gastrointestinal tumors have identified altered boundaries in topologically associated domains (TADs) and cancer-specific enhancer-promoter loops; all of which may contribute to driving disease progression.3,4 Further studies in prostate cancer and other types of cancer will unlock the role of 3D epigenetics in cancer biology to assist in the development of novel epigenetic cancer therapeutics.

Proximity ligation kits from Dovetail Genomics® make it easy to identify unique enhancer-promoter interactions that drive cancer progression.

Dovetail® kits, like the HiChIP MNase kit, will enable you to:

  • Gain knowledge on how 3D chromatin affects epigenetic mechanisms in cancer and normal cells
  • Get a comprehensive view of protein binding & protein-mediated chromatin interactions without any bias due to restriction enzyme density
  • Gather fine-scale, high-resolution topology mapping with an easy workflow that doesn’t require variable-introducing sonication

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