Human Disease – Fix-C® Service

Catalog # 2030

Looking for a better way to understand the underlying genomics of human disease? Our scientists are experts at getting 3D genomic and genetic data out of your archival FFPE samples, even if there’s some DNA degradation, enabling you to focus on understanding how long-range interactions play a role in disease initiation and progression.

Gain valuable long-range 3D genomic information and detect large structural variants from your archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples to advance your human disease research. Potentially find mechanisms of action that can explain the initiation and progression of a variety of diseases. You provide the biopsy specimens and our Hi-C experts will generate data for you using our industry-leading proximity ligation technology to help take your research to the next dimension.

Why Use Our Fix-C® Service

• Leverage the expertise of Hi-C experts from Dovetail Genomics® to extract genomic data from FFPE samples

• Expand your view of the human genome with a more comprehensive view of genetic variation and chromatin topology in archived FFPE biopsy specimens to improve understanding in diseases causes and progression

How It Works

Your designated Scientific Project Manager will work with you to understand your goals and define deliverables specific to your project. Then, just send us your FFPE specimens and let us do the work for you. Simple, right?

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Delivery Time Inquire
Sample Type FFPE
Library Generation Dovetail® Hi-C
Sequencing Platform Illumina
Analysis Platform Dovetail QC pipeline
Potential Deliverables QC Report
Sequence data (*.fastq file format)
Alignment (.bam format)
Contact matrices (*.mcool and *.hic file formats)
Pairs file (.pair format)