Apply for a Funding Assistance Award to help lower costs on your next de novo genome assembly project!

Basic awards of up to $8000. De novo genome assemblies starting from $15,000 (with award applied). See below for more details.

At Dovetail Genomics, we strive to provide the best quality genome assemblies at reasonable prices.  We are constantly looking for ways to lower costs, while preserving our industry-leading level of quality.  Our new FAA program provides funding assistance to qualified applicants.

Awards Available:

  1. PacBio HiFi + Omni-C scaffolding and full de novo assembly: $6,000 award

  2. As (1) above + RNAseq and genome annotation: $8,000 award

  3. Omni-C scaffolding of an existing assembly: $3,000 award

  4. As (3) above + RNAseq and genome annotation: $5,000 award

  5. FREE enrollment in our Chromosome-scale Phased SNP Calling Early Access Program for options (1) and (2) above!

Complete de novo assembly, including chromosome-scale phased SNP calling, starting from $15,000 (price is with Award applied.)  Scaffold an existing assembly starting from $9,500 (price is with Award applied.)

Examples of Award calculations and out-of-pocket expenses, assuming a full de novo assembly with no genome annotation (Award option (1) from above):

Genome Size HiFi + Omni-C List Price* Less Award Amount Net Project Price to be Paid
700 Mb $21,000 -$6,000 $15,000
2 Gb $28,500 -$6,000 $22,500
3 Gb $36,000 -$6,000 $30,000

*Prices outlined here are in USD and are only reflective of pricing in countries and regions where Dovetail sells directly. Pricing may vary for applicants located in regions/countries in which Dovetail works through distributors. Please reach out to if you have questions regarding pricing in your country/region.

How to apply:

Please complete and submit the below application to be considered for the FAA. Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. Submission deadline for applications is 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Don’t settle for half a genome when you can get more.

Genome assemblies are usually haploid. Dovetail Genomics is now enrolling qualified projects into our Chromosome-scale Phased SNP Calling Early Access Program.

Chromosome-scale phased SNP calling will provide you with an enriched reference assembly that can contribute to a better understanding of:

    • Hybridization

    • Distribution of heterozygosity

    • Cis versus trans mutations, such as compound heterozygosity

    • Inbreeding

    • Identification of recessive alleles

    • Allele-specific methylation

    • and more!

 Chromosome-scale phased SNP calling requires 2 things:


1. Highly accurate SNP calls

PacBio HiFi sequencing is the most accurate long read sequencing technology available today.  PacBio HiFi sequencing offers quality scores as high as Q45 (3 errors per 100,000 base pairs, Vollger et. al. 2019).  Highly accurate SNP calling is essential for chromosome-scale phased SNP calling.

Image re-created by Dovetail Genomics using data from:
Ann Hum Genet,. 2020 Mar; 84(2): 125–140.
Published online 2019 Nov 11. doi: 10.1111/ahg.12364

2. Even and unbiased sequencing coverage compared to traditional Hi-C approaches

Omni-C is the newest Dovetail Hi-C proximity ligation service.  Unlike traditional single or multi-restriction enzyme Hi-C methods, Omni-C uses a sequence-independent endonuclease to digest chromatin.  This enables very even, near shotgun-like sequence coverage of the genome, with no restriction site biases.


To further leverage the power of chromosome-scale phased SNP calling, Omni-C can be used for population-scale resequencing. The even and unbiased whole-genome coverage of Omni-C data provides shotgun-like SNP coverage but with the added benefit of chromosome-scale phased SNP calling. The Dovetail Genomics Omni-C Kit provides an economical way to resequence multiple samples for popgen analysis. See App Note below.

Bioinformatics Workflow


Early Access Deliverables


Omni-C All-In-One Application Note