Chromatin Immunoprecipitation In 3D Learn about the Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase Kit

The Dovetail HiChIP MNase Kit combines the benefits of ChIP-seq with the long-range information of
Hi-C, enabling genome-wide mapping of protein-directed topological features. Compared to ChIP-seq, Dovetail HiChIP not only identifies locally-bound sequences, it also captures distal interactions, up to megabases away, mediated by your protein of interest (e.g. promoter/enhancer interactions).

The Dovetail HiChIP MNase Kit uniquely offers the following benefits:

  • Use of MNase unveils topological features down to mono-nucleosome level, enabling the highest resolution mapping of chromatin interactions
  • Simple and reproducible workflow – no sonication required
  • Deeper understanding of protein function – capture ChIP-seq and Hi-C data in a single library

For ease of adoption, Dovetail has validated 8 commonly-used antibodies, with more on the way. The Dovetail HiChIP MNase Kit is the first commercially available product for analyzing protein-directed chromatin architecture.

A short 4-minute video on the Dovetail HiChIP MNase kit — how it works and its benefits:


Accompanying 5-page Slide Deck:

Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase Tech Note:

Other Hi-C Kits from Dovetail Genomics

Dovetail™ Micro-C Kits

The Micro-C Kit enables capture of chromatin topology at a mono-nucleosome resolution:

  • Capture topological features down to mono-nucleosome positioning
  • Create high resolution contacts maps with lower sequencing depth
  • No restriction site coverage biases due to use of a sequence-independent MNase enzyme

The proximity ligation workflow uses micrococcal nuclease (MNase) for even and highly reproducible chromatin fragmentation.

Video Introduction to Micro-C

Dovetail™ Omni-C™ Kits

The Omni-C™ Kit enables NGS library prep that supports multiple whole-genome sequencing applications:

  • Large structural variant detection
  • SNP & InDel genotyping
  • Perform genome assembly
  • Perform haplotype phasing
  • Capture chromatin conformation data

With a single library prep, you can capture epigenetic and 3-D genome architectural signals while preserving all the applications and capabilities of whole-genome shotgun sequencing data.

Video Introduction to Omni-C

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