You’ve been looking for a better way to understand the underlying genomics of human disease. It’s here now.

Dovetail Genomics has proven technology that can accelerate your research into human diseases such as oncology, neurodegenerative and developmental diseases.

From a single NGS library prep, capture a broad range of genetic variants and chromosomal 3D architecture.

The All-In-One Library Prep

Sequencing is a major cost in every NGS study. Maximize your return on that investment with our Omni-C™ technology.
Omni-C™ libraries capture SNPs, structural variants and 3-D genome conformation in a single sequencing run.

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FFPE is the de facto archival material for biopsy specimens. Access this challenging sample type with Dovetail Fix-C™ Services.

Capture valuable long-range 3-D genomic information from Illumina generated short reads

Explore large structural variants, such as insertions, deletions and translocations

Leverage the industry leading proximity ligation services of Dovetail Genomics

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