Dovetail Genomics is excited to announce the second annual Genomes of Animals & Plants Virtual Conference (GAP2022) to be held February 16-18, 2022. The conference is focused on bringing together leading researchers in the field of plant and animal genome biology from around the globe for three days of scientific presentations and discussion.

Interact with leaders in the fields of evolution, conservation and agricultural biology as they delve into various aspects of genomic science and how new genomic understanding is shaping these important scientific fields. Special emphasis will be given to HOW a genome assembly can be applied in these fields of research to further biological understanding. Dovetail Genomics will also update attendees on the latest advances in genome assembly technology and informatics, including the new Dovetail haplotype-resolved workflow for true diploid assembly.

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Event Highlights

    • Three days of exciting talks with invited speakers
    • Dovetail genome assembly technology and bioinformatics updates​
    • FREE Omni-C Scaffolding Project for the most engaged attendee (additional details below)

    • Breakout and networking sessions​
    • Daily poster sessions open to all attendees​
    • Interactive Q&A sessions


FEBRUARY 16, 2022


  • Jay F. StorzUniversity of Nebraska: “Genomic analysis of hypoxia adaptation in the world’s highest-dwelling mammal”
  • David A WeisblatUC-Berkeley: “Genome Rearrangements and the Evolution of Clitellate Annelids”
  • James P. BernotDepartment of Invertebrate Zoology, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: “The Genome of the Gooseneck Barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes) Provides Insights into the Evolution and Development of Barnacles”
  • Marc TollisNorthern Arizona University: “Crocodilian Genomics: Archosaurian Evolution and Resilience”
  • Katie GeistIowa State University: “Non-model genome improvement for comparative analysis of insect social evolution”
  • Ingo BraaschMichigan State University: “The Genome of the Bowfin (Amia calva) Illuminates the Development and Evolution of Ray-Finned Fishes”
  • Haoran XueUniversity of Toronto: “Genomic evidence for large structural variation underlying the tristylous floral polymorphism”
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FEBRUARY 17, 2022


  • Aryn WilderSan Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance: “Conserving the endangered Pacific pocket mouse with the help of a chromosome-level reference genome”
  • Charles FeiginPrinceton University: “Advancing conservation genomics in the endangered marsupial eastern quoll”
  • David VendramiBielefeld University: “Deciphering the genome of the Antarctic fur seal: an opportunity to gain broader insights for species conservation”
  • Bridget BaumgartnerRevive & Restore: “Genomics and the Genetic Rescue Toolkit”
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FEBRUARY 18, 2022


  • Allison HansenUC-Riverside, “Comparative genomics of insects that vector deadly plant pathogens”
  • James BorrellRoyal Botanic Gardens Kew, UK: “Evolution, domestication and clonal diversification of Enset, Ethiopia’s ‘tree against hunger’ “
  • Chris BensonPenn State University: “The Harmonious Subgenome Relationship of Globally Adept Turfgrass Species, Poa annua”
  • Jonathan Fresnedo-Ramirez, The Ohio State University: “Genomics-aided research in the domestication and breeding of outcrossing crops”
  • Denis LarkinRoyal Veterinary College, London: “How Does an Extreme Climate Make Domestic and Wild Animals Evolve Similarly?”
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Schedule of Events