Proximity ligation offers an unprecedented view into 3-D epigenetics and genomic architecture.

Genome conformation mapping tech­nologies have facilitated an unprecedented view of the three-dimensional organization of the genome.

Methods like Dovetail™ Hi-C have enabled the study of topologically associated domains and chromatin loop­ing that are important in gene regulation and epi­genetics.

Approximately 20% of the mappable human genome is blind to Hi-C due to low restriction enzyme site density, but analyses of Hi-C data are dependent on capturing these sites.

Dovetail Genomics latest Hi-C technology, Omni-C™, increases the genomic coverage of a proximity-ligation assay, thereby expanding the efficiency of each sequencing run through increased coverage and reducing biases imposed by restriction enzyme site density.

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Omni-C™ Tech Note

Omni-C™: A sequence-independent endonuclease-based Dovetail™ proximity-ligation protocol


Application Note

The All-in-One Assay

From Domains to SNPs: A Multi-Resolution View of the Genome


Application Note

Targeted Hi-C:

Uncovering Local Genome Architecture in Regions of Interest

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