Proximity ligation offers an unprecedented view into 3D epigenetics and genomic architecture.

Genome conformation mapping tech­nologies have facilitated an unprecedented view of the three-dimensional organization of the genome.
Methods like Hi-C have enabled the study of topologically associated domains and chromatin loop­ing that are important in gene regulation and epi­genetics.

Approximately 20% of the mappable human genome is blind to Hi-C due to low restriction enzyme site density, but analyses of Hi-C data are dependent on capturing these sites.

Dovetail Solutions for Epigenetic Research

Dovetail™ Omni-C™ Kit

All-in-one Solution

  • Capture SNVs, large SVs, SNP phasing & chromatin topology in a single assay
  • Compatible with low sample input & hybrid capture approaches
Dovetail™ Omni-C™ Kit

Dovetail™ Micro-C Kit

Highest Resolution View

  • Chromatin topology across the genome at the lowest cost
  • Fine scale topology mapping down to nucleosome resolution
  • Generate more evidence for detected chromatin contacts
Dovetail™ Micro-C Kit

Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase Kit

Go Beyond ChIP-seq

  • Unified view of protein binding & protein-mediated chromatin interactions
  • Study enhancer-promoter interactions
  • Easy workflow requiring no sonication
Dovetail™ HiChIP Kit

Featured Resources

Omni-C™ Tech Note

A sequence-independent endonuclease-based Dovetail™ proximity-ligation protocol


Omni-C™ Tech Video

Omni C™ Kit provides a multi-resolution view of the genome in a single library prep – a short video

Micro-C Tech Note

Dovetail™ Micro-C Assay: Improved Read Support for Topological Features

Micro-C Tech Video

Capture genome architecture down to mono-nucleosome resolution using the Dovetail™ Micro-C Kit – a short video

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HiChiP Tech Note

Probing Protein-Directed Chromatin Architecture Using Dovetail™ HiChIP Assays

hichip kit

HiChiP Tech Video

Analyze Protein-Directed Chromatin Architecture with the Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase Kit – a short video;" />
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