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At Dovetail Genomics, we build the most accurate and contiguous de novo assemblies available.  We  began our journey using our revolutionary combination of Chicago® in vitro proximity ligation, Dovetail™ Hi-C and Dovetail’s HiRise™ proprietary scaffolding software. We have now upgraded our process and your results by transitioning to our novel restriction-enzyme free Dovetail Omni-C™ technology. The Dovetail team has assembled more than 1,000 genomes thus far and are excited to add even more to the Dovetail™ Tree of Life. Whether you are in need of a full de novo assembly or are looking to improve an existing assembly, we have a solution for you.

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Explore the Dovetail Tree of Life

How to read the Dovetail™ Tree of Life

Step One: Genome Size

  • First thing to recognize about the Dovetail™ Tree of Life is that there are two separate scales – the first one is located on the left side of the chart and measures genome size
  • The genome size scale is in increments of 3 Kb (black lines) and is denoted by the thick grey bars

Example: 034 Oat (Avena eriantha)

TofL_Ex 034 Oat (Avena eriantha)

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Explore the Dovetail Tree of Life

Step Two: Assembly Stats

  •  The second scale located on the right side of the chart is for assembly N50
  • The assembly N50 scale is marked by the light grey lines and measures increments of 50Kb
  • The three assemblies being measured by this scale are:
    1. Input assembly [dark blue bar]
    2. Chicago® + HiRise™ [green bar]
    3. Dovetail™ Hi-C + HiRise™ [tangerine bar]
  • Note: Not all assemblies will have data for both Chicago® and Dovetail™ Hi-C if both technologies were not required to achieve optimal results for the project.

1. Input Assembly N50


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2. Chicago® N50


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3. Dovetail™ Hi-C N50


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Explore the Dovetail Tree of Life

Explore the Dovetail™ Tree of Life

Explore the Dovetail Tree of Life

Now you’re ready to dive in! Click on the image to the left for the full PDF version of the Dovetail™ Tree of Life. Next, locate your organism of interest or a related organism on the tree image. Click on the organism name to go directly to the correct full stat and acknowledgment page.

*This is not a complete list of all Dovetail Genomics® assembly projects. This is solely the list of projects and data approved for sharing by our customers.

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