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Pika Wins Dovetail’s 2017 Research Impact Award!

Dovetail Genomics is thrilled to announce The Dovetail 2017 Research Impact Award goes to Dr. Michael Russello at the University of British Columbia and Dr. Hayley Lanier at the University of Oklahoma for their project on the American Pika (Ochotona Pinceps) on behalf of the Genomics Working Group of the North American Pika Consortium.

“I initially became interested in services provided by Dovetail Genomics this past year following interactions at Plant and Animal Genome XXV and the inaugural Global Biodiversity Genomics Conference, where I signed up for the Dovetail newsletter. I found out about the award in a subsequent e-mail announcement and thought it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so we decided to put in a proposal. The Dovetail Genomics Research Impact Award will produce a high-quality genome assembly for the American pika, which has emerged as a sentinel mammalian species for climate change. There is a highly collaborative group of researchers using the American pika as a study system for investigating responses to changing environments and novel ways in which we may mitigate impacts for this species and others through active management. The genome resulting from this award will help unify ongoing and proposed studies in a comprehensive fashion in ways we could only imagine at our consortium meeting earlier this year. Thank you for your support.”

– Dr. Michael Russello, PhD


Click HERE to view the full proposal




Congratulations to Drs. Russello and Lanier and a HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal.




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