Dovetail Genomics and Revive & Restore invite you to the Conservation Genomics Summit 2021 (CGS2021)

As human-based pressures continue to threaten natural ecosystems, there has never been a greater need for actionable tools to monitor, preserve and enhance biodiversity.

This virtual conference will feature six scientists actively using genomics approaches to aid species conservation and will be of interest to anyone focused on species conservation and/or interested in functional genomics for non-model organisms.

This event is now available ON-DEMAND. Tickets will be available until November 10, 2021. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Highlights

  • Exciting talks with invited speakers
  • Get the latest updates on the “A Genome For…(AG4)” project
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions

When it comes to conservation efforts, the best starting point is a high-quality genome assembly.

Dovetail Genomics is the world leader in non-model organism de novo genome assembly. A high-quality reference genome is a critical tool necessary to understand the biology of any organism. With a reference genome in hand, the conservation biologist is properly equipped to undertake population genetics studies that can then be used to understand the genetics of at-risk species.


Revive & Restore is the leading wildlife conservation organization incorporating biotechnologies into standard conservation practice. Through their competitive Wild Genomes program, Revive & Restore provides biobanking and genomic sequencing resources to field scientists and wildlife managers working to protect biodiversity.

Dovetail Genomics provides genome assembly services for Revive & Restore Wild Genomes projects. Learn how reference genomes are being used as a springboard for popgen studies, and how you can benefit from the Dovetail-Revive & Restore partnership.


Bernardi, Giacomo -- Headshot_round

Giacomo Bernardi

University of California, Santa Cruz

Charles Yakov Feigin_round

Charles Feigin

Princeton University

 Ellie Armstrong

Washington State University

Moises Exposito-Alonso

Carnegie Institution for Science; Stanford University

Lauren Schiebelhut

University of California, Merced

Jeremy Yoder

California State University, Northridge

Full Agenda


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