Evolutionary Biology

Evolution is the change in heritable characteristics over successive generations. While Mendel and Darwin set the stage for modern evolutionary biology, advancements in today’s technology enable the exploration of heritable traits at base-pair resolution. This places us at a historical inflexion point now that accurate reference genomes for virtually any organism are within reach for most researchers.

Having access to an accurate, complete and contiguous genome assembly promotes a wide-variety of applications of great interest to the field of evolutionary biology. A high-quality assembly provides an ideal starting point for the study of:

  • Speciation
  • Synteny
  • Hybridization
  • Comparative genomics

Proximity ligation is key to creating chromosome length assemblies

While long-read sequencing platforms are improving assembly contiguity over short-read sequencing, they are still insufficient for reaching chromosome scale for all but the smallest of genomes. Dovetail Genomics® specializes in applying proximity ligation to non-model organism de novo genome assembly. We have delivered more than 1,600 high quality genomes for a broad spectrum of unique species to hundreds of satisfied customers around the globe. Many of these assemblies are being utilized for evolutionary studies.

Access Dovetail® proximity ligation expertise through our kits or services

Whether you are interested in bringing proximity ligation into your own lab or prefer to outsource your genome assembly, Dovetail Genomics has a solution for you. Our Dovetail® Omni-C® Kit offers the most complete view of the genome available capturing long-range information alongside uniform base coverage. This unique datatype enables:

  • Full length genome assemblies
  • Ability to phase diploid organism’s SNPs according to haplotype

Prefer to outsource to the experts? Our best-in-class service offerings support sample to publication:

  • Build your draft assembly using industry leading PacBio HiFi data
  • Improve contiguity by scaffolding with Omni-C technology
  • Make your genome actionable with our comprehensive annotation services

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