We are currently experiencing the planet’s sixth mass extinction event. The preservation of biological diversity could be considered as the single most important responsibility of mankind. As human-based pressures continue to threaten natural ecosystems, there has never been a greater need for actionable tools to monitor, preserve and enhance biodiversity.

A high-quality genome assembly is a crucial tool for conservation biologists striving to preserve threatened or at-risk species. An accurate and contiguous genome assembly can assist in the study of:

  • Inbreeding depression
  • Admixture and introgression
  • Maintenance of population diversity
  • Hybrid speciation
  • Disease susceptibility
  • Behavioral ecology
  • Identification of adaptive alleles
  • Genetic rescue

Proximity ligation is key to creating chromosome length assemblies

While long-read sequencing platforms are improving assembly contiguity over short-read sequencing, they are still not sufficient enough to reach chromosome-scale for all but the smallest of genomes. Dovetail Genomics® delivers the resolution you need, using our proprietary Hi-C technology to apply proximity ligation to non-model organism de novo genome assembly. Our scientific experts have delivered more than 1,600 high-quality genomes for a wide variety of unique species to advance the research for hundreds of researchers. Many of these assemblies offer key insights aiding species conservation efforts around the globe.

Harness Dovetail® proximity ligation expertise to start your conservation efforts through our kits or services

Dovetail Genomics has a solution for you. Bring proximity ligation into your own lab or outsource your genome assembly to our experts. Our Dovetail® Omni-C® Kit offers the most complete view of the genome available capturing long-range information alongside uniform base coverage. This unique datatype enables:

  • Full-length genome assemblies
  • Ability to phase diploid organism’s SNPs according to haplotype

Prefer to outsource to the experts? Our best-in-class service offerings support sample to publication.

  • Build your draft assembly using industry-leading PacBio HiFi data
  • Improve contiguity by scaffolding with Omni-C technology
  • Make your genome actionable with our comprehensive annotation services

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