Food security and sustainability are at risk from exponential human population growth coupled with novel environmental stressors due to climate change. If mankind is to continue to thrive in our ever-changing world, new approaches to food production and distribution are required. In this regard, genomics holds much promise and is revolutionizing how scientists approach and overcome key challenges in agricultural.

As an example, a focus on discovering novel “green” methods for pest control using gene-editing technologies is underway. Critical to more accurate upfront design and actionable downstream data is access to a high-quality genome. Dovetail Genomics® has been working with agrigenomics researchers to deliver world-class de novo genome assemblies that help meet the challenges of food security and sustainability, crop improvement, and agricultural pest control.

High-quality genome assemblies of agriculturally important plants or insect pests can help in the study of:

  • Identification of genes and pathways linked to desirable traits
  • Plant taxonomy
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  • Identification of genes and pathways linked to desirable traits
  • Breeding program management
  • Pest control

Proximity ligation is key to creating chromosome length assemblies

While long-read sequencing platforms are improving assembly contiguity over short-read sequencing, long-read sequencing platforms help but are not enough for all but the smallest of genomes. Dovetail Genomics® are industry-leaders in 3D genome architecture with years of expertise applying proximity ligation to non-model organism de novo genome assembly. We have generated high-quality genomes for a broad spectrum of unique species to hundreds of satisfied customers. Learn how Dovetail genomics can help improve your breeding programs.

Access Dovetail® proximity ligation expertise through our kits or services

Bring proximity ligation into your own lab or let us do the work for you. Our Dovetail® Omni-C® Kit offers the most complete view of the genome available capturing long-range information alongside uniform base coverage. This unique datatype enables:

  • Full-length genome assemblies
  • Ability to phase diploid organism’s SNPs according to haplotype

Prefer to leverage our expertise? Our best-in-class service offering provides support from sample to publication.

  • Build your draft assembly using industry-leading PacBio HiFi data
  • Improve contiguity by scaffolding with Omni-C technology
  • Make your genome actionable with our comprehensive annotation services

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