Dovetail™ Genome Annotation Project

Catalogue #: 8010 or 8011

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Delivery Time

Basic:  +4 weeks; Extended: +6 weeks



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Analysis Platform


Service Description

Gene annotation is normally performed after building a highly accurate and contiguous reference genome. Two annotation package options are offered:

  • Basic Package: includes full automated annotation and further manual curation of 5 genes
  • Expanded Package: identical to the basic package but manual curation is expanded to 55 genes.

The Dovetail™ Genome Annotation Pipeline is made up of 6 distinct steps:

  1. Repeat masking
  2. Model preparation
  3. Evidence collection
  4. High throughput genome annotation
  5. Manual curation
  6. Functional annotation

Annotation is an important step that will define the location of genes, exons and introns across the genome. The quality of most downstream analyses like variant detection and differential expression rely on the accuracy of gene annotation. Every genome is unique, and an annotation workflow must take this into account. We have developed an accurate, high-throughput, bespoke genome annotation pipeline that takes into account:
(i) the individual nuances and attributes of your genome
(ii) your specific research goals and genes of interest

Accurate genome annotation is a necessary final step in producing a publishable genome assembly. The Dovetail Genomics Genome Annotation Service provides researchers with a reliable and proven workflow for highly accurate annotation fully tailored to the unique attributes of the genome under study.

Materials & Deliverables

Dovetail™ Final Genome Assembly (> 70% BUSCO) and customer provided RNA-seq data

A comprehensive report (see example below) that includes:

  • Genome annotation file in GFF3 format
  • Predicted gene CDS sequences in FASTA format
  • Predicted gene peptide sequences in FASTA format
  • BAM alignment files from RNAseq and Iso-Seq data (if evidence data is provided)
  • Repeat annotation file in GFF3 format


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