Dovetail Genomics® is proud to announce that we are combining forces with Revive & Restore in an effort to genetically rescue the critically endangered Banggai cardinalfish. Revive & Restore launched the Wild Genomes Initiative in 2020 in order to promote the use of advanced biotechnologies in applied wildlife conservation, and Dovetail is thrilled to have been chosen as the exclusive genome assembly provider for these important projects. In addition, we have committed to donating $500 to sequencing and assembly a male Banggai cardinalfish specimen – nicknamed Basuki – per de novo genome assembly and scaffolding service project purchased until Basuki’s fundraising goal has been met.

Check out this 2 min program overview video

Banggai cardinalfish were rediscovered in the 1990s and quickly became popular aquarium fish, leading to over-fishing; in addition, due to their restricted habitat range, low reproductive capacity, and other human-related pressures, the fish nearly became extinct within a matter of years. The Banggai cardinalfish have a unique life history, termed mouthbrooding, in which the male incubates the eggs in his mouth for 3 weeks, and then keeps the juveniles for 5 days post-hatching. This results in genetically distinct populations that are ecologically and evolutionarily significant, however extremely vulnerable.

Constructing a reference genome for the Banggai cardinalfish from Basuki will help scientific efforts to discern the population diversity and heterozygosity of this fish, enabling population genotyping for more successful breeding and habitat reintroduction programs. If you have a research project requiring a de novo genome assembly, or an assembly that could use improvement, you can join us on this conservation mission!